When the world opens and adapts to the “new normal” there will be opportunities to gain market share. How will you be positioned?

Content Matters.

Let’s brainstorm.

Creative strategy, planning, pre-production and design can happen remotely so that you are ready to roll when we get the “go”.

Don’t want to wait? We can create video, motion graphics and 3D animations remotely.

The attendee and presenter experience is different for virtual events. Are you prepared to create engaging experiences for your attendees and prep your presenter for the virtual space?


Planning Matters.

 Let’s get creative.

Creative strategy, agenda and flow, engagement strategy and production is different for virtual events and hybrid events.

TOTAL has been producing remote events for over 10 years.


Check out our work below and give us a call. Let’s create together!


Video and Remote Event Experiences Designed
Specifically for You

Because your brand voice needs to be authentic and attendee experience matters.
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