We are a team of experienced and creative video and virtual, remote and hybrid event producers, editors, and artists. We love what we do.

We work smart and quickly get to know you and your audience, which is essential in a creative partner.

Because we are nimble and multi-faceted, we leverage economy of scale across marketing channels and customize teams to fit your needs. Plus, we have strong project management and customer service.

This saves you money and time, and makes it easy on you. Sounds good, right?

Our Capabilities

TOTAL Creative offers Creative Services

Creative Services

Our job is to help you connect with your  audience. From scriptwriting and message development, to art direction and creative direction, we have you covered. 

TOTAL Creative video producer

Live Action Video

Whether you need a simple interview or a multi-camera commercial, we have the talented crew and equipment to make you look and sound great. 

TOTAL Creative Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

We offer 3D animation, 2D motion graphics, and have deep experience with  explainer videos and MOA’s. Our designers do amazing work to bring your message to life. 

TOTAL Creative Events and Conventions

Remote Events, Virtual Events, and Hybrid Event Production

Our goal is to make your meeting memorable for your attendees, so the impact lasts beyond the event. Our set designers, event producers, writers and A/V crew are here to get you results.

Our Clients
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