Dolby Atmos Installation Videos

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The Big Picture

Dolby had just released their ATMOS systems for movie theaters. They needed effective training video modules for theater technicians, engineers and owners to quickly and easily learn about optimal installation of the sound system.

The Project

We were asked to clearly illustrate the technology and best practices surrounding the system in a language their audience would understand.

The Creative Process

Installers are used to manuals with hundreds of technical pages and drawings, along with technical jargon. We wanted to dramatically simplify this.

Since the ATMOS sound system physically operates in 3D space, we thought it would be best to create the training in a 3D theater environment. This way we could visualize the points of interest and clearly reference hanging points and angles.

The Deliverables

Six video modules totaling 30 minutes.

The Result

A clear, easy to understand and concise piece that was appreciated by all.

Dolby Atmos Installation Videos


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